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jeudi 27 août 2009

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 the Economics of Happiness

 European Activists Against Economic Growth
 Degrowth Reseach


 Transition Towns

 Transition culture

 Essential sharings

Today, nef (the new economics foundation) publishes a new report – The Great Transition. It marks the launch a of 40 year long initiative to make the transition to an economy that is both climate friendly and solves, simultaneously, a broad swathe of connected social problems related to inequality. Crucially, the plan is based on the assumption that it is not possible for an advanced, industrialised nation like the UK to achieve those goals if its resource-hungry economy continues to grow in conventional GDP terms.

The second link will take you to an article that summarises the report. The third link is an independent assessment by the economics editor of the UK-based Guardian newspaper.

 A tale of how it turned out right

 The Guardian - From the Great Depression to the Great Transition
 Our new book The New Economics : A Bigger Picture is now available from Amazon. Read it to get a picture of a new economy as if people and the planet mattered. Have your questions about the bizarre contradictions of conventional economics answered. For example : Why is an Apparently Poor Pacific Island is at the Top of the Happy Planet Index ? Why did China Pay for the Iraq War ? Why has London Traffic Always Travelled at 12mph ? Why do Modern Britons Work Harder than Medieval Peasants ? Why are Cuban Mechanics the Best in the World ? Why Does Britain Import the Same Number of Chocolate Waffles as it Exports ? Why do Fewer People Vote when there is a Wal-Mart Nearby ?And, Why are Malawi Villagers Paying the Mortgages of Surbiton Stockbrokers ?

Andrew Simms
Policy Director and
Head of the Climate Change Programme

 Why less should be so much more

 Is degrowth compatible with a market economy ?

 Degrowth : against sustainable development

 Conferences Degrowth

 Micro macro world

 Slow movement

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